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ISBN: 9780646591926

FILENAME: Destination 2050.pdf

PUBLISH DATE: 11 May 2013

Mutual fund overview for Nationwide Destination 2050 Fund;Institutional Service (NWOSX), from MarketWatch.


Humanity now recognises that it lives on a shared planetary home with a shared future and it is interconnected by everincreasing levels of interdependence. It is journeying towards a single integrated interdependent global society driven by the collective forces of globalisation, tribalisation and technological interconnectivity. This society will be fully developed by the year 2050, which is emerging both as a year of aspirational focus for, and a year of judgement of, collective human endeavour. Peter Ellyard describes this emerging interdependent sustainable society - one based on a 21st century paradigm called planetism - that is shaping global markets, future jobs and global ethics, and how humanity is reinventing itself in stages to enable itself to thrive in this society. Over 70% of the products, services and technologies that will be present in 2050 have yet to be invented and Ellyard shows us how we can predict and then build these innovations and prosper by doing so.This integrated interdependent world promises collective prosperity but also collective vulnerability to the wrecking actions of those who are excluded, or who choose to exclude themselves, from participating in this collective journey. Peter Ellyard provides us with concepts banks and mental toolkits that are practical, that can be practised by everyone, and that will enable humanity to thrive in this 21st century society, the century of the planet.

Release Date: 06-30-2018 Nationwide Destination 2050 A Category Target-Date 2050 Overall Morningstar RatingTM Morningstar Return Morningstar Risk ★★ Average Above Average Out of 188 Target-Date 2050 funds.

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